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Tips to treat crown rots

Tips to treat crown rots

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Orchids give great joy to those who have them in their home. They’re stunning, they’re gentle, and according to inexperienced growers, they’re extremely difficult to cultivate. This is why it always freaks the gardeners out when attempting to grow these orchids. No need to worry, please continue reading this article as we are going a bit in depth in the crown rot phenomenon. Don’t worry there is a treatment for the crown rot.

So What is this Orchid Crown Rot you speak of?

It is a very common thing and It befalls when the crown of the plant, which is the place where the base of the plant joins the leaves, and that starts to rot. It happens so many times that it it most always caused by a human error.

It happens when water is pooling at the base of the leaves for a prolonged time. If the water is not drained sufficiently then it will affect the plant and saucer at the base.

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How do I save the Crown Rot

thankfully this is a totally treatable thing. It is very easy and most of the time very effective. Just buy a bottle of max strength (H 2O 2) hydrogen peroxide and dispense a minute quantity onto the crown, where we find the rot. It should fizz and bubble.

It should be Repeated every 2-3 days until the bubbling part is not occurring anymore. Afterwards please sprinkle a little cinnamon (it will do if you have it in your spice cabinet) onto the spot. The Cinnamon powder works as a natural fungicide.

Prevention is key

The most effective method is the prevention of the orchid crown rot from the get-go offcourse. So give water from the morning the change to evaporate throughout the day. Excess water is the number reason for getting a crown rot.

Avoid water pooling at the base of the plant leaves. Use a tissue to blot it away.

Moreover always empty the saucer if it’s full of water. Spread all the orchids apart if you have a lot of orchids in your possession.

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