Economic importance of orchids

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Economic importance The orchid family is probably one of the most significant of plant families from a gardening point of view. Except the horticultural uses which orchids are put to , the family is significantly lacking in species which products are derived from. The only commercially important product gotten from orchids is vanilla. Most vanilla is produced from one species, […]

Orchid plant

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Orchid (family Orchidaceae), any of almost 1,000 genera and more than 22,000 species of beautifully flowered plants spreaded throughout the world, particularly in wet tropics. Orchidaceae is a member of Asparagales, an order of monocotyledonous flowering plants which includes the asparagus and iris families too. The word orchid comes from the Greek word (orchis) for testicle because of the appearance of the root […]

Growing Orchids in a Greenhouse

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Growing Orchids in a Greenhouse   Greenhouses run the complete range of possibilities from elegant conservatories to compact window greenhouses that fit cosily into a kitchen window frame. Whatever the size, similar recommendations for selection, design and installation apply. There are three major types of greenhouses to think about carefully. The lean-to greenhouse is generally small, about 6 to […]