Importing Orchids from Thailand to the United States


The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and APHIS (Animal/Plant Health Inspection Service) oversee an importing cut flowers to the United States of America.


Before importing Orchids to the USA, you must obtain a permit from the USDA. Permit issue is free unless you import for commercial purpose. As, we selectively breed our orchids to be cut flowers, they are not subject to CITES (the provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species).

Airport of Entry

Acquiring a permit, you need to specify your a desired port of entry. And if you also need to import from another country in the future, you will also need to state several other ports of entry,  So, you can find a list of ports of entry here. 

You can expect an thorough inspection of the flowers at the port of entry. Then, we ensure all requirements and conditions meet with that inspection prior to shipment, you will receive your order hassle free. We take care all documentations including the export permit along with the order.

Shipping from Port of Entry

before your shipment arrives, you should make an arrangement for collecting and forwarding the flowers on to you. The Plant Inspection Station will conduct an inspection, but will not send the flowers to you.

In each of our shipments, Thai Orchids Exporter will provide the following documents:

    Certificate of origin
    Commercial Invoice
    Packing List
    Original Air Waybill
    Phytosanitary Certificate

For further detailed information, please check review the  USDA Cut Flowers and Greenery Import Manual .