Orchids from Thailand

We are Thailand's leading exporter of cut flowers and your one stop shop for premium quality Thai Orchids.

Owing to our valuable industry experience as a family business, Thai Orchids Exporter is engaged in growing, supplying, distributing, wholesaling and exporting fresh cut orchids and tropical flowers all over the globe.

With over 150 different species of thai orchids as well as tropical flowers, Bamboo, Heleconia and foliage leaves; we have the widest range to suit all of your needs. Among our products, the most popular thai orchids include: Dendrobium, Mokara, Aranthera, Oncidium and Vanda.

We consider our customer’s satisfaction our top priority and we endeavor to provide superior customer service at all times. This begins with your initial contact with us right up until you receive your order. With our swift processing time and careful packaging, you can be sure to receive the best quality Orchids quickly, assuring your complete satisfaction.

Growing Thai Orchids in Thailand

With a subtropical climate, Thailand provides Orchid plants with the optimal conditions to thrive. Over 1,000 different species of Orchids can be found growing in Thailand. These plants can be spotted growing in abundance across the country in the mountains to the cities and of course in Thailand's Orchid farms.

The History of Thai Orchids Exporter

As a team of Orchid enthusiast's based in Bangkok, Thailand, we began trading 15 years ago out of a small warehouse on the outskirts of Bangkok by purchasing from the local growers. With popularity among our buyers, we began sourcing more Thai Orchids from local farmers and wholesale exporters.

We continued to expand our operations and invested in our Orchid farms as well as own packing house located in Thungkru (year). With top quality products and services we developed a reputation as Thailand's leading Orchid exporter. In 2016 we re-branded as Thai Orchids Exporter and continued to invest in purchasing our own farms. Since then Thai Orchids Exporter has expanded its operations and now owns farms covering over 100 rai (almost 40 acres).