Importing Orchids from Thailand to The Netherlands


The Netherlands may be renowned for its Orchids, but that does not stop some orchid diehards from wanting to acquire additional varieties of the flower.

For those interested in importing Orchids into Amsterdam, it is important to understand there is a strict process on bringing flowers into the country. The flowers are checked thoroughly before their departure from Thailand as well as upon arrival.

The Phytosanitary import requirements of the Netherlands is based directly on the plant health regime of the European Union and its Member States. The purpose of these requirements is to prevent the introduction and spread of (quarantine) pests and diseases within the European Union. The EU requirements on plant health can be found on the EU-website.

You will need to visit the relevant authorities in Amsterdam prior to importation to gain the required permit for importing cut orchids. In most cases, such a permit will be for a prolonged period and not just a one-off affair.

In each of our shipments, Thai Orchids Exporter will provide the following documents:

    Certificate of origin (if needed)
    Commercial Invoice
    Packing List
    Original Air Waybill
    Phytosanitary Certificate