Importing Orchids from Thailand to The United Arab Emirates


The UAE is very strict in terms of the flora and fauna it allows to enter the country. As a respecter of global conventions and treaties, this nation strictly controls the entry of Orchids, as well as many other flowers.

When trading internationally, The UAE market may be classified as either a Customs Zones or Free Trade Zones:

Customs Zones:
In general, goods destined for the UAE's Customs Zones are subject to duty under the GCC's Common Customs Law.

Exporters with products destined directly for Customs Zones are generally required to appoint a distributor with some local content, at least 51% local ownership. Companies whose products enter the Customs Zone via the Free Trade Zone must appoint a local distributor, a 100% local agent. The Trade Agencies Law sets the legal frame work for this relationship. For more information on the Trade Agencies law, please see our guide to doing business in the UAE Guide to Doing Business.

Free Trade Zones:
Goods destined for Free Trade Zones are exempt from duty.

The UAE operates at least thirty-six specialised Free Trade Zones. For a detailed list, please visit In addition to imports into Free Trade Zones being exempt from duty, re-exports from UAE Free Trade Zones bound for third market destinations beyond the GCC Customs Zones are also exempted from duty.

Equity ownership: Free Trade Zones allow foreign companies to own up 100% on equity of the firm while Customs Zones generally allow foreign entities up to a maximum of 49% on equity.

For every order, Thai Orchids Exporter will provide the following documents:

    Certificate of origin
    Commercial Invoice
    Packing List
    Original Air Waybill
    Phytosanitary Certificate

The Dubai Flower Center (DBC)

Strategically located at Dubai International Airport, the Dubai Flower Centre is a new hub of growth for the floriculture industry in the 21st century. With the explosive growth in global trade of flowers and perishables, there is an increasing demand for innovative logistics and commercial solutions to enable the industry to reduce transit times, improve quality and grow profits.

The Dubai Flower Centre has been designed to meet these needs and is committed to delivering on this opportunity by providing:

  Increased capacity and connections to and from major global trading points
•  Rapid consolidation and trans-shipment
•  The world’s best cool chain management
Resources and facilities to enable cost effective value-addition
Facilities and support to enable efficient commercial transactions

Please refer to the UAE Imports and Exports Guide for more detailed information.