Our Process

At Thai Orchids Exporter, we follow a thorough process to ensure we grow and export only top quality flowers.


All of our orchids are grown in coconut shells as they are the ideal planting medium in Asia. Coconut shells are readily available and are perfect as renewable resources. This method of farming means we are able to grow a large number of orchids plants in a practical manner as well as displaying the root health and growth.

Post-Harvest Handling

“Initial post-harvest storage conditions are critical to maintaining quality”

As Thailand's leading provider of premium quality Thai Orchids, it is extremely important  to us that all products receive the best post-harvest care.

The most important goals for when post-harvest handling are to always keep the flowers cool, avoiding moisture loss, slowing chemical changes, and avoiding physical damages.

Following harvest, all of our products are taken to our packing house where they are:




and packed















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