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Antidepressant Microbes in the soil

Antidepressant Microbes in the soil. What is that all about?

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Do you think that Prozac is the only way to get rid of the serious blues? There is a thing called the Soil microbes, which have been discovered to have comparable effects on the brain without nasty chemical dependency and side effects of its counterpart drugs. You must discover how to embrace the natural antidepressant that is found in the soil and can make yourself healthier and happier. Please read on how this dirt can make you happier than ever before.

Natural remedies included cures for any physical illness, well almost all. mental and emotional disorders were also able to be cured. The Ancient shaman and healers could not tell people why it worked, only that it seemed to work for the majority of the time. The Modern scientists discovered many medicinal plants and medical methods however they recently found remedies that used to be unknown but yet, still played a huge part of the natural life cycle. These were the Soil microbes and now human health has a positive link, that was studied thoroughly and found to be timelessly verifiable.

Human Health and the Soil Microbes

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Ever knew natural antidepressant were present in the soil? Mycobacterium vaccae currently under study, but already has been found to emulate the effect on the neurons that other drugs of the likes of Prozac provide. The bacteri that is found in the soil may end up stimulating the serotonin production, which makes you also happier and more relaxed. There were Studies that were conducted on patients suffering from cancer and they were reporting that they had less stress.

Serotonin or rather the lack of it has been strongly linked to the depression phenomenon, obsessive-compulsive disorder anxiety and bipolar problems alike. The bacteria appear to be of a completely natural antidepressant, which is present in the soil, and at the same time has no unfavorable health effects. These antidepressant microbes can easily be used if you just play in the dirt.

Most enthusiastic gardeners mention that the landscape is one of their “happy places” also they mention that the physical act of gardening is literally a huge stress reducer. There is however some great science behind it. This adds to the credibility of these gardeners claims. The fact that the antidepressant bacteria are present in the soil is no surprise to numerous gardeners who have experienced this stress-reducing phenomenon.

So can the dirt make happy minds

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Cytokine levels rise when there are those bacteria in the soil, which evidently causes the production of even more levels of serotonin. This theory was tested upon rats via injection and ingestion. The leading results were that the increased cognitive ability significantly lowered the stress and allowed for much better concentration.

So to my conclusion go and play in the dirt as this improves your mood and ultimately your life.

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