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Why should I use potash in my garden

Why should I use potash in my garden

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3 macro nutrients are essential for the maximum health of the plants. Potassium is one of those macro nutrients, which originally was named potash. The Potash fertilizer (a natural element) is actually constantly being recycled in the earth. So what can potash be described as and can I find it? Please read on.
What is Potassium or Potash?
Potash used to be acquired by gathering potassium, which is how they got their name from. Wood ash was separated in old pots to be left and soaked and the potassium element was then filtered from the mush, henceforth the name “pot-ash.” There is a new and modern technique, which differs slightly, but leads to the potassium separation.
Potash is the 7th most common element you can find in nature and luckily is widely available. This is stored in the soil and collected as salt deposits. The plants in turn release potassium into those crops. Humans consume these plants in their diet and deposit the potassium in their waste again. It trickles into the waterways and gets taken up as salts. They in turn feed the plants, which use the potassium once more.
Plants and people need potassium all the same. However In plants it is a critical process for the water uptake and the creation of plant sugars. Moreover it is responsible for the crop quality and formulation. You can see that the commercially grown foods contain a higher amount of potassium, as this promotes extra and better quality flowers. The initial source for the uptake in plants comes from the potash in soil.
So should I use the Potash in the Garden?
Adding potash to the soil is useful to keep the pH alkaline. Potash fertilizer increases the pH in soil so it should not be used with very acid loving plants such as the rhododendron. Excessive amount of potash causes problems for plants that prefer acidic or balanced pH soils. Do a soil test to see if there is a potassium deficiency before you use it in your plants.
Potash promotes bigger vegetable and fruits and yields, and it increases the plant’s health. Adding wood ash to your compost heap is a great way to increase the potassium content. Manure is another way to increase the potassium content by a small content.
How do I use Potash

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Plough Potash into the root zone of plants. The average amount of potash in the soil would be ¼ to 1/3 pound of potassium chloride per 9 square meters.
Excess potassium just gets collected as salt, which is a source of damage to the roots. Applying the potassium annually is sufficient enough.

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