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Orchids After producing flowers and Potted Orchid Presents

Orchids After producing flowers: Gain Knowledge About Orchid Care After Blooms Discontinue

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Orchids are the biggest family of plants in the earth. A large amount of their variation and beauty are mirrored in the different species grown as pot plants. The flowers are incomparable in beauty, form and delicacy and blooms last for pretty some time. Nevertheless, when they are spent, we are left curious of what to do with the orchid now. Read on to learn how to take care of orchids after blooming.

Taking care of orchids after they bloom. It’s not necessary to be a collector to like orchids. Even grocery stores take an orchid selection as gift plants. Generally, these are easy to grow Phalaenopsis orchids, which causes a strong stalk with numerous flowers. This variety of orchid flowers may last up to 2 months with good care but, finally, all good things must stop. When all the flowers have dropped down from the stalk, it’s time to think about how to keep the orchid in good condition and probably make rebloom happen.

Post bloom orchid caring is the same for any species but depends on sterility to stop disease spreading. It’s surprisingly which most orchids come already blooming at the time of buying. So post bloom orchid care is actually just a good care for the orchid at any time. Give light but not direct sunlight, constant moisture, air circulation and temperatures of 75 F. (23 C.) at daytime and 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 C.) at nighttime.

Orchids become very strong or healthy in congested containers and are actually pretty easy to grow if you keep the conditions of surrounding areas exactly right. Post bloom orchid care doesn’t make a difference from the care you give to the orchid year round. Truly, the only difference is in how you handle the spent flower stalk. Orchid flower stalks may still produce blooms if they are still green.

How to Care for Orchids after Flowering. A Phalaneopsis orchid which has completed flowering has the possibility to make another bloom or two. It will be true only if the stalk is healthy and still green with no warning of rot. Cut it off with a sterile tool to the base, if the stalk is brown or has become to soften anywhere. This sends the plant’s energy to the roots.

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                Stalks which are healthy on Phalaneopsis orchids after flowering can be removed to the second or third node. These might actually make a bloom from the growth node. Removing only part of the stalk is a part of orchid care after blooms become less suggested by collectors and growers. The American Orchid Society suggests using cinnamon powder or melted wax to seal up the cut and protect orchids from infection after blooming.

Most other species of orchid need specially designed conditions to make blooms exist and will not bloom from the spent flower stalk. Some even require a sleeping period to make buds exist, such as Dendrobiums, which require 6 to 8 weeks with minimum water. Cattleya need cool nights with temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 C.) but warm days to make buds exist.

Keep the soil dry slightly between pouring water but never let your orchid to become completely dry. Taking Care for orchids after they bloom may be repotting. Orchids like to be in crowded quarters and really only require their soil changed when it starts to change badly. Use suitable orchid mix which will have outer covering of a tree, coconut fibre, sphagnum moss and perlite. Be very tender when repotting. Damage to roots can be deadly and spoiling the new flower shoots can prevent bloom.


Potted Orchid Presents – What Are Good Orchids To Give As Presents

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                Whether you’re searching for a Christmas gift, a house party present, or just a nice thank-you, potted plant presents are both simple and unique. Go on reading for some knowledges on the best pot plant presents. Potted Plant Presents, when it comes to indoor orchid sharing, not all potted plant presents are the same. If you’re purchasing for someone you know has a green thumb, it’s a good plan to keep things uncomplicated. The best plants to provide as presents are attractive yet easy to deal with.

Thus, what are proper plants to give as presents? Here’s a list of some of the best pot plant presents with a high aesthetic advantage for low upkeep requirements.

Amaryllis – The amaryllis flowers through the winter and is a welcome clue of spring at Christmas.

Succulents – Requesting very little water and being available in all shapes and sizes, succulents can be kept into an attractive and personalized arrangement.

Aloe – A popular succulent on its own, the aloe plant needs minimum water and can be applied to help burns become less severe too.

Cyclamen – Another good cold weather option, the cyclamen is small and unique. Orchid – Graceful and easily identifiable, orchids are certain to please, as long as the recipient has at least a little knowledge about their specific maintenance.

Lucky Bamboo – Really not a bamboo so much as a lily, the lucky bamboo will grow in a vase full of water in a bright window.

No soil needed! Christmas fern – A Christmas favorite plant because of staying green through the winter, this fern will relocate easily outside.

Air Plants – A definitely unique gift, air plants need neither soil nor watering. Just a regular misting over will help them happy wherever you put them.

Paperwhite – A very low-upkeep/high prize rhizome, the paperwhite will cultivate in anything from soil to pebbles, making deliciously scented white blooms.

Christmas cactus – A plant which can be store year round, the Christmas cactus will yield outstanding red flowers every holiday season.

Poinsettia – An old kept ready Christmas present, the poinsettia can be kept as an attractive pot plant all year.

Lavender – Aromatic year-round, lavender with the flowers fully open causes a beautiful purple accent, particularly when planted again in the garden.

Potted Herbs – The most valuable on the list, everything from potted oregano to rosemary will causes an aromatic home and fresh cooking ingredients. They can also be relocated to the garden for an endless supply.

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