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Phal Orchid Care After Flowering

Phal Orchid Care After Flowering – Caring For Phalaenopsis Orchids Post Bloom


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One of the easiest and most graceful orchids to develop is Phalaenopsis. The plant’s flowers last for weeks, giving lasting aesthetic in the home. Once flowers are finished off, Phal orchid care emphasizes on plant health. Good Phal orchid maintenance after blossoming establishes the plant for future blossoms and development of new leaves. Orchid maintenance after blooming is like when plants are in bloom. A few tricks might make the old flower spike blooming again for a second blush of very impressive flowers.

Providing Care for Phalaenopsis Orchids Post Blossoming

Phalaenopsis orchid care deals with an easier set of orders compared with a large number of other orchids, which is likely why this plant is one of the widely grown. Most Phals can be made to bloom from the old flower spike then the stem can be get rid of. A few of species will only flower off the old stems, which should not be cut off. The most happening often moth orchids are the sort which require the old stem to be get rid of after a secondary flowers. Only try to bloom again the plants which are strong and healthy.

Phals can produce many flowers per stalk. Once the final flower is fading away, you can remove the stalk back to a few inches from the soil with a not dirty, sharp knife. This is not only makes the appearance of the plant better but stop it from wasting energy in bringing a non-producing stalk alive.

Alternatively, you can try to keep the old stem to flower anew. Cut the stalk back to a healthy node. This is the first node under the lowest flower on the spike. You can know the nodes by the scar shaped like a triangle on the stalk. Flowering again will only happen on the green flower spikes . If the spike has gotten yellow to brown, cut it to 2 inches from the soil and continue taking care normal Phalaenopsis orchid.

Tricking Your Phal into blooming again

Orchids need very particular conditions to flower, most of which are not got in the home interior. Move it to a part of a house where temperatures are 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 C.) but the plant gets sunny, not direct sunlight during the day, if you need to try to make the plant to flower, Once you notice a flower spike starting to exist, put the plant back to its warmer place.

Flower spikes will have pointed tips in contrast to new leafing shoots, which are a little curved. Young flowering spikes will gain a benefit from feeding every other week with a pot plant fertilizer adulterated by half. Fertilizing fortnightly is not an essential part of orchid protection after flowering. If forcing is effective, you can anticipate flowers in 8 to 12 weeks.

Phal Orchid Maintenance

Phal orchid care after flowering is mainly cut to make watering procedures right and giving sufficient light and temperatures. Once flowering is finished and the spike has been gotten rid of, the plant will concentrate on developing new leaves and roots.

Watering the plant once per week with 3 ice cubes. This provides the sufficient amount of water the plant required, delivered at a slower rate therefore the roots can uptake the moisture.

Keeping the plant in a north or east facing window. This relaxing period while the plant is not blooming is also the suitable time to repot. Choosing a good orchid combination for a delighted Phalaenopsis. At the time of repotting, find out any diseased roots and cut these out with a completely clean razor blade.

That is fairly much, when taking care for Phalaenopsis orchids after bloom. The relaxing period and better care will help make sure the next season’s attractive foliage.

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