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Orchids not having Tears

Orchids not having Tears

Q. I awaited calmly for month by month for my orchid to blossom again. Small buds formed; I was extremely happy. But then again they became yellow, dried up and fell off. What went wrong?


A. it is depending on how you count up, it has 25,000 to 35,000 species of orchids and at least 250,000 hybrids and varieties. But because yours is not recognized, it appears safe to make a guess it is one of the moth orchids (phalaenopsis and associated hybrids), which account for approximately 75 percent of orchid plant sales.

Because they are not difficult to grow, ship and display, moth orchids can be proffered at low prices almost everywhere, including supermarkets. Good value is unequivocal: the flowers generally last months.

And they are extremely beautiful. The flat-faced round flowers on arching stems are involved in almost every color except for real blue, and a lot are multicolored, with stripes, splodges or extremely beautiful nets.


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RENT-A-BUD If a phalaenopsis orchid stops blooming, you can be anxious about it, or only throw it away and obtain a new orchid.


Moth orchids are near model pot plants, most satisfied at 65 to 80 degrees. They require bright light but indirect sun; an east or west window is generally OK. And providing care is easy.

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